4 Reasons Your Bar Needs an iPad Photo Booth

Published on April 29, 2019

Why do I need a photo booth if people are already taking pictures on their phones?

That’s a great question. Lucky for you we’ve put together 4 answers to show the main benefits of iPad photo booths in bars.

Let’s start by asking a question – how much do you benefit from a selfie or photo shared to social media by your customers? These images are going to look like a fun night out on Instagram, and will probably generate tons of likes and views. That’s great! Now all of their followers will know about your awesome bar! Those followers are most likely in your target market too since they’re in your customer’s social circle. So, these shared photos help raise awareness for your bar, right? Well, unless your customers actually tag you in the post (which rarely happens), your bar doesn’t get any credit- so you won’t be noticed in the post at all. The unfortunate truth is that these posts usually do nothing for your business. That doesn’t seem fair. After all, you created the experience that the customer wanted to share. If only you could get some exposure from the media created inside your walls…

If that sounds like a nice idea, keep reading to learn how an iPad photo booth can do just that while also increasing sales, growing your marketing list, and creating a unique social experience.

1. User Generated Content That Organically Promotes Your Bar

Curata tells us that user generated content (UGC) is essentially any content related to a brand that is voluntarily produced by its customers; i.e., it is not a paid social influencer, it is both organic and unpaid.

Consumers trust UGC more than they trust what you say about yourself. According to a survey by Bizaarvoice, over half (51%) of Americans trust UGC more than information given directly by the company, and Millennials are 3x as likely to turn to social media to get opinions on where to go out.

Ok, so how is this different than an iPhone selfie? Remember what we said about you getting no credit? Imagine if every shared photo had your branding front and center. While you can’t guarantee that a customer will tag you in their own photo, you can guarantee that your brand will be on all those shared photos and videos with an iPad photo booth like Wave. This means that even if they don’t mention you, their followers will know exactly where they are hanging out.  You have the power to control what your customers are sharing. An iPad photo booth will create high quality “selfies” while also promoting your bar with every share. Hello free advertising!

2. Create a Unique Social Experience

Jon Gillespie, a restaurateur and hospitality industry consultant, recently spoke in an interview with Toast stating that, “the concept of multifaceted venues is more and more appealing to younger demographics. People like the idea of being able to go to one spaceand have multiple experiences…”

Adding a social or interactive element to your bar will give customers a reason to stay longer and invite friends, which inevitably results in spending more money. It’s a win-win. Since bars with Wave average 2,000 shared photos a month, it’s pretty obvious that a photo booth is a highly used entertainment investment.

If what Jon says is true, and we also know that Millennials now have more spending power than any other generation, it seems fitting to tailor your social marketing efforts to fit their rules of engagement. Offering a photo booth that is free for them, with your logo and custom graphics on every shared photo, creates micro influencers that reach more millennials. Can you imagine having over 2,000 photos with your brand being shared by customers every month? When users post to their social media stories and pages, they are effectively advertising free of cost with authentic content.

People have a strong desire to share their experiences and let others know about the cool things that they are doing. A branded photo booth allows customers to do that in a unique, non-selfie way.

Photo from Instagram @runrileyrun

3. Grow Your Marketing List with Data Collection

iPad photo booths like Wave let you collect data in an unobtrusive and natural way. A user is going to text or email themselves their picture regardless, so why not take advantage of it?

With our easy-to-use remote management dashboard you can collect and download leads in real-time. The leads come to you in an already formatted CSV file that is ready to upload straight into whatever CRM you are currently using for your marketing.

Growing your marketing list by collecting email addresses and phone numbers is just the beginning. You can capture data to gain valuable insights into the types of people that are visiting your bar. Thinking of opening another location? Collect their zip code to see where the majority of your patrons call home. Need to know the age demographics of your customers? Collect birth dates. Want to get your exclusive coupons out there for the world to see? Collect emails and send them on their way. Need to get more people in the door before 10pm? Send out a text message with specials and an invite to join your VIP party.

The possibilities of what you can do with valuable data are endless. Just don’t over-do it with the outreach or your users are going to click unsubscribe faster than you can get them back in the door.

4. Most importantly – Increase Sales

This is the ultimate goal of your bar, right? If it is (and we know it is), then you should definitely consider investing in a tool that can help do this for you. Like any tool, it doesn’t do any good if you don’t know how to use it. Let’s look at three great ways to use Wave to increase your sales.

Deliver Coupons and Promotions

Take advantage of our 80% open rate and email customization by placing specials inside the photo delivery email. Blue Moon Brewery in Denver does a really great job of this. They send you an email offer of a free pint of beer on your next visit when you share your Wave selfie with the hashtag #bluemoonrino! 

Sell to Events and Sponsors

Most bars have found ways to generate revenue from events and sponsors. Customize your iPad photo booth and offer it to corporate events and sponsors as an add-on to increase your sales and conversions.

Advertise on The Photos

Promote your events and special nights with unique branding and graphics on the photos. This effectively does two things. First, it provides more incentive for your customers to share the photos since the graphics are unique to the event. Second, it promotes that specific event on social media. This targeted event promotion will drive more visitors than a generic logo. Vinyl Bingo Night is much more interesting than just the name of your bar, and if you do it right your bingo night attendance will get bigger every week!

Getting Started

Now that you know why you need to get an iPad photo booth for your bar, here’s how. Simply order your hardware, have it shipped directly to you, set it up in minutes, and your account manager will get your software setup. If you still think you need to look around and see what else is available, we’ve made a quick comparison guide for the Top 3 iPad Photo Booths on the market.

Still not convinced? Check out this Toast article on the importance of user-generated content for your bar.

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