How Churches Benefit From iPad Photo Booths

Published on April 9, 2019

With the number of churches on the rise, it can be difficult to stand out in your community. As a church, you need to find a way to stay socially relevant, connect with your members, and engage with those who have yet to check out your Sunday services.

Social media has proven to be an effective tool for this, but your posts likely won’t reach those that aren’t following you. So how do you reach them? One answer is to create an experience within the church that attendees will want to share to social media. It’s pretty simple to put together a fun photo opportunity- set up a backdrop that reflects your churches branding or make it relevant to the series you are currently going through. People love sharing unique photos, and if they get to promote their home church in the process…even better! Suddenly you are now reaching your member’s friends and followers, expanding your reach tremendously.

To get the most out of this photo experience you can utilize an iPad photo booth instead of relying on people to use their phone. Red Rocks Church in Denver has been using Wave for their photo booth over the last several months with great success.

We love Wave and see such great value from it! We get to control the branding and love to see it being shared on social media- which creates awareness for our community.

Zach Atwood

Young Adults Operations, Red Rocks Church

Using an iPad photo booth has lots of perks and, if used right, it can be a great tool to grow your online presence. Let’s take a look at the top 3 benefits of adding an iPad photo booth to your church.

1. Branding on Shared Photos

Churches, while having obvious differences, are like most businesses- this means branding and visual identity should be a top priority. Branding affects how people perceive your church, it can drive new attendance, and it helps build your reputation and awareness. When you set up a photo background and ask people to take pictures from their phone to share – there is no way to control how those photos look for your church. But by using a photo booth like Wave, you can actually add your branding to the photos that are being shared. Plus – a photo with creative branding grabs much more attention on social media than an average iPhone photo. People will want to know where this person was!

2. Collect Emails in an Unobtrusive Way

How many of those contact cards are actually getting filled out? Or are they just sitting in the back of the chairs waiting to be recycled? A photo booth can be a very unique and unobtrusive way to collect emails for your email marketing campaigns. Think of it as a simple addition to your digital outreach tool belt. If you already have email marketing covered, there are other data points you can collect such as zip code, date of birth, and phone number. This information could provide key insights to what type of demographic you are seeing at church events, conferences, and even regular Sunday attendance. You can use this data to target and market to a specific audience within the community.

3. Enhance The Overall Church Experience

More and more people want to be entertained when they go to church. But don’t worry, you don’t need circus clowns to come in for a halftime show in the middle of your sermon. Giving attendees an experience that they can share with family or friends will do the trick. Who doesn’t love taking photos on a photo booth?! This gives families an opportunity to take a photo [or three] to share online without the selfie arm or having to ask someone to take and retake a photo for them. A photo booth also provides an added social activity for your conferences and youth events. Set up a fun backdrop with cool branding – and sit back and watch while they take care of social outreach for you!

Since we know that selfies are still alive and well, consider giving attendees a way to capture and share their memories in a way that goes beyond the phone. A photo booth gives them an opportunity to interact with one another in an energetic, social way. Since Red Rocks Church in Denver started using their iPad photo booth just a few months ago, they have already seen a huge impact with the photos being shared on social media. Younger generations need a simple way to share what they believe. Without having to say much, they can proudly tell the world where they worship with a simple branded photo. That photo can spark awareness and a conversation, which could lead to invitations and new members for your church.

Getting an iPad photo booth is easy and affordable with Wave – starting at just $63/month with our church and non profit discount. Get in touch to learn more about our special pricing for churches!

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