Accepting 500 (awesome) Locations

We are accepting early registrations for our free model, launching in October, 2019. If your location qualifies, you could get Wave at no cost by participating in our advertising network.

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A unique experience and social marketing tool.

Adding Wave will enhance your experience and raise awareness through organic, branded social content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase the hardware?

No, we will provide the hardware. You will be responsible for installation. Instructions are included. Mounting Wave typically takes 15 minutes.

When will I receive my unit?

We are currently accepting early sign ups for our free model. We are planning to ship units to our qualified location in October, 2019.

How can you offer this for free?

We work with brands and ad agencies to sponsor Wave through curated advertisements. That’s how we make money, and how we are able to offer so much value for free to venues. We don’t sell user data, and we choose ads that are a natural fit for the location. It’s important to us and our relationships with locations to protect the quality of the experience.

Can I collect emails and numbers?

You have the option of paying $50/month for data capture. You’ll have view/download access to a list of data you choose to capture from your users.

What types of venues should apply?

We accept applications from a large variety of venues! From professional sports stadiums to local sports bars and everything in between. If you feel like your venue is an experience, there’s a good chance you’ll be a good fit for Wave.


3 x 2 wall area suitable for a wall mount install. Power outlet. WiFi with minimum speeds of 3mbps up and 3mbps down.


You’re in Good Company

From global brands to local venues, Wave is the photo marketing tool of choice for innovative organizations. 

Wave is a Photomadic product. Proudly made in Denver, Colorado.


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