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Red Rocks Case Study – Wave for Churches

SHARE MORE. REACH MORE.Red Rocks is reaching more souls than ever before by offering a unique wayfor their community to share their experience at church. Younger generations especially need a simple way to share what they believe. Without having to say much, they can...

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How Churches Benefit From iPad Photo Booths

How Churches Benefit From iPad Photo BoothsWith the number of churches on the rise, it can be difficult to stand out in your community. As a church, you need to find a way to stay socially relevant, connect with your members, and engage with those who have yet to...

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Wave vs Hotpoint and Simple Booth for Photo Booth Installs

Wave vs Hotpoint and Simple Booth for Photo Booth InstallsIf you’ve made it here you’re probably aware of all the marketing benefits of having a social photo booth installed in your location; collect emails, increase sales, create social influencers etc. The question...

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