Your New

Starting at $75/month

Grow your marketing list, boost your social media presence, and offer a truly unique experience that your customers will love.

Average of 2,000 Photos Shared Per Month

Your customers will become your best advertisers as they share branded photos and videos to their social media channels.

Engage with your customers.
Increase your sales.

Collect Emails and Phone Numbers

Grow your marketing list by capturing data from customers.

Promote Specials and Events

Distribute promotions within the emails and texts from Wave. Easily customize the messaging remotely, any time.

Attract New Customers

Branded media shared by customers results in organic marketing that reaches your target audience.

You built the experience.
Let your customers share it.

Customers already love your location, Wave let’s them share their experience using the latest trends in digital media so that your brand stays relevant online.

The Features You Need

Custom Lighting

Colored LED lighting can be configured to match your space. The white lighting appears only when a photo is being taken.


Secure and Durable

A built-in kensington lock and durable construction means Wave can be left alone and unattended in any indoor environment.

Share Results

Easily share real time results including photos, data and performance. This makes it easier than ever to sell Wave to events and sponsors.

Offline Mode

When WiFi connection is lost, Wave automatically saves images in a queue, then sends them out as soon as it gets back online.

Super Powers Included

View performance, download data, and change settings remotely from one easy-to-use Dashboard.

How to Get Started

Order Hardware

Choose a wall mount or floor stand kit. Hardware will be delivered with simple setup instructions.

Create Account

To use Wave you’ll need a Photomadic account. From free to self-sponsored, we have plans for every venue.

Install and Rejoice

Turn on Wave and sync it to your account. You did it! Now get ready for long lines of happy customers.

Installed in Locations Around the World

Wave is a Photomadic product. Proudly made in Denver, Colorado.


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