Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Photo Booth to Your Wedding Venue

Published on April 18, 2019

Owning a photo booth could help you reach more brides and increase your sales, but it’s also a major hassle.. right? Not anymore. Traditionally, photo booths have required some technical knowledge and an attendant to man the booth while it’s being used. But times have changed. With today’s modern iPad photo booths like Wave, you can easily offer a custom photo booth with no technical skills, and no attendant. The best part? You can customize it remotely in minutes. Talk about an easy addition. Before we dive into the details of how to set this up, let’s look at the three main benefits of having an in-house photo booth at your venue.

1. Easy Add-on with a Big Return

Photo booth rentals typically cost the wedding party between $1,000 – $2,500 for an evening, depending on the region. Five years ago these prices would have been justified by the need for a technical attendant to be on site, cost of paper, transportation costs, and higher equipment costs. But with modern digital photo booths, anyone can offer a custom photo booth with easy-to-use software in minutes – and no attendant is required, which eliminates almost all of the costs. By skipping the middleman, you can save your bride money, and generate an extra $400 – $700 a wedding, depending on your area.

50 photo booth add-ons = $27,500 of new revenue

(50 x $550 photo booth rate = $27,500)

2. Reach New Brides Through Social Media

Modern photo booths are as much a marketing tool as they are a way to capture memories. You can utilize the marketing benefits of Wave to reach more brides.

Customize the delivery email template to include links, specials, and your own branding. You can even add a small watermark to the photos and videos so that everyone on social media sees where the wedding took place. It’s a good idea to offer a premium option that removes this branding, but for the brides that don’t mind, it’s incredible marketing for you!

You can even leave your photo booth on all the time with your own branding and messaging! Whether it’s a potential bride visiting your venue and sharing a photo of her day out, or an entire wedding that didn’t choose to pay for the add-on. The more photos and videos with your branding that land on social media the better. It’s organic marketing at it’s finest. 

3. Offer More Value Than Your Competition

You know the importance of packages and total value offered to your clients. The smallest details matter because at the end of the day, your package is getting compared to other venue’s packages. The more value you can squeeze in the better. Including a photo booth in your package is a time saver and a cost saver for your bride and groom, and it could be that extra bit of value that makes them choose you over the rest.

Setup and Turn Key Management

So an in-house photo booth can really help your venue business, but how do you set it up? Is it easy to manage? The last thing you want is another thing to worry about. Your venue needs to be as turn key as possible. Let’s look at just how easy it is to setup and manage a modern iPad photo booth like Wave, as well as some tips to ensure it makes a big impact on your business.

Place The iPad Photo Booth Hardware in Your Photo Area

Choose a floor stand if you want the freedom to move your photo booth around the venue for different setups, or choose a wall mount option if you’ll be creating a unique photo booth space and mounting it. We recommend the wall mount because it makes the photo booth feel like it’s truly part of your venue!

Setup your hardware and connect the iPad to WiFi. You’re all set! Now let’s get your software setup.

Get Wave App and Create Your Collection

By using Wave, you’re setting up a photo booth that you can remotely manage from an easy-to-use online account. First, download Wave from the app store and open it on your iPad.

Create a Collection using your online account. Creating a collection is how you will customize the photo booth for your client (check out this video to learn more). It only takes a few minutes and even creating the overlay is a breeze with our visual editor.

A visual editor makes customization simple!

Now to connect Wave app to the Collection you just open the app, and select the collection you created. Your custom photo booth is ready! It’s that easy.

Turn Key Management

For each wedding that uses Wave, you should create a new Collection. Doing this will save you a lot of time because you can invite the bride into the collection to fill out her own custom settings, or you can fill it out for her. Either way, it only takes a few minutes!

You can share the Collection with the wedding party so they can see all the photos and videos taken (in real time!) from their link. They can download the photos and videos, access the public gallery, and even play a slideshow.

By using a new Collection for each wedding, you create a turn key service that requires no extra work after the event. 

Going above and beyond to strengthen your brand

You became a venue owner because you’re creative, and you love offering unforgettable experience. Adding a photo booth can be a fun project that will not only help you increase sales, but strengthen your brand image! Each photo and video that gets shared to social media tells a story about your brand, and as a venue owner, you need to ensure that story helps your brand image and reaches more potential clients.

Pay close attention to the look and feel of the photos and videos that it creates. Things like lighting, the backdrop and props all play important roles in creating a look that’s as unique as your venue.

Enjoy the process! Aong the way, if you have any questions about using Wave and our iPad photo booth software for your setup, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ok, Let’s Recap!

Get a Modern, Digital Photo Booth

Modern iPad photo booths don’t require any technical skill or attendants. You can now confidentlyoffer a photo booth with very little effort.

Use Software to Make it Turnkey

Using Wave and its remote management software, you can create a turn key solution for your weddings by creating a Collection for each event.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

Use your iPad photo booth as an opportunity to strengethen your brand image by building a custom backdrop. Don’t forget to include branding on the photos and email template.

Increase Sales, Grow Your Business

Offer your photo booth as an add-on to earn extra revenue. Your clients will save money while you increase your sales. Bonus – you’ll reach more potential clients through social media!

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